Mt. Arlington, New Jersey, Exigent Technologies has announced that they have been accepted into the Apple Consultants Network. According to Apple, the network “is a distinguished community of independent consulting companies certified in Apple technology, who pride themselves on delivering the highest quality of service to their clients.”

Apple continues, “The network is comprised of independent consulting companies that provide expert IT services to assist you in getting the most value from your technology purchase. Each member company is certified in Apple and related technologies, and dedicated to providing high-quality, specialized services when you need them.”

Dan Haurey, President of Exigent Technologies says he was motivated to obtain the Apple designation by customer requests and trends toward adoption of Apple products in Exigent’s primary markets. Demand for IT services around Apple and Mac integration with existing Microsoft Windows network infrastructure has also become very important.

Haurey continues, “In the last 18 months we’ve seen particularly strong momentum toward the adoption of Apple computer products in the small business sector. The inquiries from clients have ranged from general curiosity about the platform to very specific questions about integrating Macs into their networks. Therefore, we decided early on that getting the proper training and certification would be a prudent move in order to provide our clients with maximum value.”

Exigent’s staff is one of their most valuable components. Haurey credited his staff for their dedication to obtaining this designation which ultimately allows the company to serve their clients at the highest level with professionalism, knowledge and commitment.