Mount Arlington, NJ (Distributer) April 20, 2009 — Exigent Technologies announced today that it has authored and made available a free downloadable guide for specialty medical offices entitled “How to Hire an IT Services Firm for Your Specialty Medical Practice.” The short guide, commonly referred to as a whitepaper, is designed as a brief instruction manual for doctors and their staff members who are currently seeking IT services.
Exigent provides managed IT services for a wide range of industries, but has developed a focus and keen understanding of the technologies and business dynamics of the specialty medical practice; a niche that has worked very well for both Exigent and its medical clients. Physicians and their staff members may visit Exigent’s website,, to obtain a copy.

Exigent’s president and CEO, Daniel Haurey, an industry veteran, authored the document. Haurey states “My sincere hope is that the guide helps as many people as possible avoid some of the mistakes that we’ve seen over our 11 years in business as well as succeed with their initiatives to the greatest extent possible.” Haurey continued, “The dynamics and demands of the larger specialty medical practice are unique, and at the same time, poorly understood by most technology generalists.”

Exigent maintains trusted advisor relationships with several local specialty practices including pediatrics, gynecology, oncology, infectious disease, orthopedics and cardiology. Those wishing to obtain a copy of the guide are not required to leave any personal information or e-mail address, and therefore, will not be contacted. Haurey continues “We’re relatively well-known in the NJ and NY medical space and I’m not sure that people feel entirely comfortable having to trade something to get something. After all the guide is absolutely free.”

Going forward, Haurey states “The stakes are getting higher now with EMR, EHR and the federal stimulus act. With incentives and penalties coming to fruition soon, now more than ever, physicians and administrators need a local, trusted advisor to add value and steer them in the right direction.”