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“Dream Job!” - Positive Environment. Teamwork is the standard. Nurturing environment. Opportunities for Advancement. Autonomy in your position. They care about their employees WAY more than most companies. Great work/life balance. Everyone cares about succeeding TOGETHER.
- Sales Support Representative

“Best IT Job I've Ever Had” - Management is supportive of staff and encourages growth. They recognize and reward work ethic and experience. Training is paid for or reimbursed by the company - from a simple CompTIA A+ certification to a higher level, vendor-specific training programs to foster growth in their technicians.
- Systems Engineer

"Enjoy working for a professional organization that prides itself on excellence? Then consider working for Exigent” - Working with exceptionally bright and talented engineers. Management is interested in retaining talent. Great work/life benefits.
- Systems Engineer

“Great Company” - There is an excellent culture that promotes continuous learning and personal growth. The management is supportive, progressive, and demonstrates a genuine concern for the well-being of their employees. A positive view towards work/life balance. There are incentives to pursue and acquire IT Industry certifications, and encouragement to succeed and grow within the company.
- Project Manager

In 2016, Exigent earned the following workplace related honor:

NJBIZ:  “Best Places to Work

From The Leadership Team


Chris Jastrzebski, Director, Service Delivery

“I started in an entry level position, so I use my own story to share that there is this path to growth. In this organization, with hard work, focus, and dedication—we can grow and develop together.  It’s important to us that each employee is feeling fulfilled and good in their roles—that they feel taken care of. The culture we have starts at the top—we are genuinely willing and happy to work with and for one another.”

Gerald Busardo, SVP, Operations, CFO

“In Operations, I work closely with the entire leadership team to foster a success-oriented, accountable environment within Exigent. It is part of our culture and commitment to our employees that we maintain an exceptional and energetic level of corporate motivation, inspiration, and engagement.”

The Exigent Technologies Community and Culture

We believe that the foundation of a successful business is to hire right, and then treat your employees better than your best customers.

We understand that people want to work as a part of a purposeful, focused team, driving toward clear outcomes—and celebrating wins at both a personal and professional level. That is why we provide quality benefits, extensive training, and an engaging, supportive, and relaxed work environment.

We have purposely built a team of the best professionals in our industry and work relentlessly to ensure they are fulfilled in their role as part of the Exigent team. In turn, our customers enjoy an exceptional client experience, and our organization grows stronger and more successful.

Our team is incredibly successful because our members have both the aptitude and heart to be true teammates who are committed to our business, their own development, and the success of our customers.

Commitment to Open Doors

Repeatedly, when we ask our team members why they love Exigent, the top three reasons remain the same: The people, the supportive environment, and the fun-loving culture.

While our leadership team is comprised of successful industry veterans and thought leaders, it’s largely our employees that drive our direction in many critical areas. We live our commitment to the business operating system we chose as a team, EOS, and as part of that, we enable every employee to raise questions and highlight opportunities for continuous improvement within our company. We believe in an “Open Doors” environment that encourages leadership at each level of our company, taking advantage of the experiences and ideas of each employee.

We also believe that honest feedback from employees is critical, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be engaging and entertaining. We’ve invested in tools to help our team share their thoughts and feelings.  Each tool provides unique opportunities for team interaction, including gamifying recognition and rewards and publicly sharing praise between teammates

Join Our Team

At Exigent, we are always looking for industrious, high-character, forward-thinking team members. The typical Exigent employee is a positive-minded person that loves collaborating with people and understands that a great attitude, extraordinary customer service, and an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction are just as important as an optimized computer network.

So, are you hiring??

Exigent-caliber employees learned early-on that there are no shortcuts to true, lasting success. As a result, through years of sacrifice, hard-work, and study, they often arrive at their first interview as a current or soon-to-be top performer in their respective role or the industry. Yet, despite being so driven, confident, and highly motivated, they are humble and able to leave their ego at the door in order to work with a team to achieve our collective goals.

Even more importantly, the typical Exigent engineer is a positive-minded extrovert that loves working with people, and understands that a great attitude, exemplary Customer Service and constant eye on customer satisfaction are just as important as a healthy server or network.