Written by: Daniel Haurey on 11/08/20

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Covering Your MacBook Camera

Users have become wary of their personal data and devices and there has been a rise in the amount of users who cover their MacBook camera with various coverings. Apple has become aware of this phenomenon and has discovered several negative consequences that can come from using various camera covers on the MacBook. Apple is one of the best companies when it comes to user privacy. In comparison to its competitors, Apple stands out due to its constant focus on protecting users’ data and ensuring their products are not penetrated by cyber attacks. Apple believes that users do not need to use camera covers because they have taken extensive lengths to ensure users know when their cameras are turned on. In its recent support document, Apple stated that MacBooks have camera indicator lights that turn on and notify users.

Why is Apple against closing your MacBook with a camera cover?

Damage to display:  Depending on the type of cover over your MacBook camera, there can be damage to your display if your MacBook is closed. In addition to damage on the display, features on the MacBook that rely on the display can stop functioning. Apple specifically mentioned that the brightness and true tone features can stop working if the display on the MacBook is damaged. In addition, the bezels on the MacBooks are a cause of concern. A veteran Apple technician mentioned that the bezels on the MacBooks are incredibly thin, especially on the newer models. The thin bezels make the MacBooks more susceptible to damage even if there’s a thin cover on the camera.

Current security measures: Apple is also against coverings because of their investment in several security measures that ensure users know when their camera is on. In their statement, Apple mentioned how they designed their products and features to minimize the amount of user data that is collected. For example, a user would have to grant permission to an app numerous times before they can access private features like the camera, microphone, etc.

What can MacBook users do to cover their cameras?

Although Apple’s explanation of why users don’t need covers is enticing, many users still do not feel comfortable with their MacBook cameras. The rise of using apps like Zoom and other camera-intensive applications have made users hyper-aware of their cameras. There are some alternatives to using camera coverings that ensure cameras are off and your MacBook is not damaged. These include:

Light DIY covering: Although Apple has warned about camera coverings and similar accessories, you can use DIY coverings like sticky notes and tape. These are light coverings and they are very easy to remove and attach to your MacBook camera. Additionally, when you close your MacBook, sticky notes and tape are light and thin enough to ensure that your screen and keyboard are not damaged.

Follow Apple guidelines: Apple understands that some MacBook users work in sensitive sectors like defense, healthcare, and more. If your work environment requires you have a covering on your camera, you should follow these guidelines:

  • Make sure the camera cover is not thicker than a single printer paper
  • Don’t use covers that leave residue
  • If you use a cover thicker than 0.1mm, remove the cover before closing the MacBook

To learn more about how to increase your cybersecurity for your MacBook talk to a cybersecurity expert here.


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