Successful and secure remote work demands a combination of technologies to address communication and collaboration needs, along with robust cybersecurity measures. Complicating remote and hybrid environments are the need for tech support and bring your own device (BYOD) programs. As more organizations tackle a blend of remote and in-office workspaces, we have recommendations for keeping […]

Those organizations operating in regulated industries face additional complexity when tackling a business continuity strategy. Regulatory compliance and business continuity planning demand specific steps regarding data protection, backup, access control, and data retention—just to name a few components. Compliance mandates come from myriad sources—the government, industry regulators, and even internal corporate controls. While standards vary […]

Confusion and misconceptions abound when it comes to the difference between backup and disaster recovery (BDR) and business continuity planning (BCP). While the terms sound similar, business continuity and backup and disaster recovery are distinct concepts. Done together, the two keep your organization running after unexpected events such as natural disasters, hardware failures, or cyber […]

Last week, we walked through the first two pillars of a successful business continuity strategy, including particulars about data backup and disaster recovery planning. Now let’s address responding to a disaster and the crucial last step, restoring the data and assets you need to restart operations—the step where backup and disaster recovery processes shine. Keep […]

Often lost in the constant buzz about cybersecurity is the critical role that backup and disaster recovery solutions play in protecting your organization. The adage about cyber attacks is simple: It’s not a matter of if, but when.  That raises the question: Is your company prepared when something goes wrong in your IT environment? Having […]

Choosing the right managed service provider (MSP) can make or break your business in today’s technology-driven world. But with countless options, how do you find the perfect partner? It’s not just about fixing occasional tech headaches; a true MSP elevates your entire IT operation, freeing you to focus on what matters most – your core […]

If your organization is evaluating managed IT services as a solution for IT support, there are two types of cost savings to consider as you decide on outsourcing IT. First, managed services will lessen downtime and improve productivity, which supports profitability. Most organizations will discover that managed IT services cost less than building an in-house […]

A new concept hit the technology industry last year: Cyber resiliency. The idea is that cybersecurity products alone aren’t enough to protect valuable assets and data. Instead, it takes a 360-degree approach that includes policies, cybersecurity solutions, security awareness training, incident response planning, cyber insurance, and a reliable business continuity strategy. Within that multifaceted approach, […]

With today’s extreme dependence on technology, from the internet to apps, an IT outage can bring your business to a screeching halt.  These outages risk endangering your customer service, slowing the sales process, derailing business operations, and compromising production.  A technology malfunction can disrupt business for days, costing your organization across the board. Most business […]

When an IT emergency happens, it can put your business on hold for hours or even days. A recent study found that 54% of companies reported having experienced IT downtime from a single event that lasted more than eight hours. This can cause loss of revenue, waste of employee wages, and significant stress. Fortunately, with […]