When an IT emergency happens, it can put your business on hold for hours or even days. A recent study found that 54% of companies reported having experienced IT downtime from a single event that lasted more than eight hours. This can cause loss of revenue, waste of employee wages, and significant stress. Fortunately, with […]

A business is only as strong as the people who work there. However, in the Information Age, those employees are only as strong as the IT infrastructure they depend on. The experts at Exigent know this, which is why we’ve dedicated our careers to helping businesses like yours maximize your return on your IT investment. […]

Microsoft has provided several ways to back up data to Azure, including Data Protection Manager (DPM) part of System Center, Windows Backup, direct tools like PowerShell, Azure Backup, and to a certain extent StorSimple. They have evolved quickly over the past few years in terms of features and capabilities/limitations. Azure provides an attractive option for […]

Your data is one of your most important assets.  And you probably have a backup strategy in place to protect it.  Such strategies can be as simple as a nightly backup of your network server(s) or a much more elaborate replication and business continuity system.  Often, however, we hear of stories of people or companies […]

Well, maybe that’s not 100% true – your definition and mine are likely somewhat different.  In the backup and disaster Recovery (DR) world, many hear the terms RPO and RTO in the context of recovering from a catastrophic outage (building burns down, hard drive or SAN crashes, etc.).  What exactly do these terms RPO and […]

The bad-guys are getting smarter, taking advantage of tactics used by criminals for centuries.  Ransom and extortion have long been used due to the way they invoke very personal feelings of dread and loss.  We all know it’s bad to give money to bad people who’ve done bad things, but nonetheless it’s a very effective […]

Many business owners don’t understand the ramifications associated with using simple backup methods like USB/pen drives, synchronization to another folder location, backups to a network share, cloud-sync, etc.  What’s wrong with these methods?  You might think you’re simply protecting against a hard drive or server failure, but viruses are becoming a much bigger threat. Today’s […]

Cloud computing is taking off and practice managers are embracing cloud computing for its many benefits, including: Eliminating investment in servers and endless hardware refresh cycles Attaining a flat, predictable monthly payment for IT Eliminating regular IT maintenance tasks Gaining the ability to scale IT with the practice, without buying more servers Enjoying high availability […]

As you might have imagined, our customers had tons of questions in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.  “How do I keep my business up during a power outage?”  “Can I plug my servers or computers into a portable generator?”  “How can we avoid downtime during the next power outage?” In response, we created this whitepaper:  […]

More and more small businesses are considering offsite backups – with good reason!  Our data backup best practices indicate that you should have both an onsite and offsite data backup.  Mozy Pro is an offsite only solution.  Several small business customers have asked me about the popular Mozy Pro service from EMC.  So here’s my […]