It’s not exactly a common subject of cocktail party conversation.  Common or not, a conversation with your Trusted IT Advisor about Managed Services is far more important than such water cooler fodder as What’s Trending on Twitter. Quite often, however, the reward for a conversation extolling the benefits of Managed IT Services is a slightly […]

In an age where we have prototypes of flying cars, phones with more computing power than the most powerful computers from the previous decade, and an ever-growing web of endless possibility which is the Internet, we find ourselves growing in all aspects pf technology. Technology is the Zeus of the modern world and business is […]

Over the course of the last 13 years in this business, servicing hundreds of companies in the New Jersey and New York City area, I’ve obviously had countless face to face initial sales meetings with prospective clients.  Each of the organizations (mostly small businesses) is as unique as the human beings that I meet with.  […]

$599 laptops!  “All-in-one” printer, scanner, copier, fax devices for $69!  FREE software!  Bargains abound in the scrappy and poorly understood world of computer hardware and software.  Fortunately, most of our clients seek our advice before venturing out to make a purchase.  After all, our business model is that of a VAR or “Value Added Reseller”.  […]

We hear it all the time. “Under promise, over-deliver”. But it deserves to be said again and again and lends itself to constant reinforcement, especially here at Exigent. Today, I needed two things from two of my vendors. One was time-sensitive and urgent; the latter was what I would consider a wish or special request. […]