While it’s been almost 15 years since the concept of “bring your own device” (BYOD) was first discussed, its popularity has had its fits and starts.  But with the pandemic-driven shift to remote and hybrid models, BYOD has found its stride, enabled by changes in workplace models, enhanced capabilities to monitor and manage devices, and […]

In 2020, New York City had the second highest single-city GDP (GMP) in the world after Tokyo. With a workforce that includes 8.468 million people, it’s no wonder NYC has so much income each year. The biggest industries in New York City are also a huge part of this picture. New York’s top industries drive […]

Denver’s music scene is thriving. In 2019, Denver made Move.org’s top 10 list of cities for music lovers. It’s no wonder there are so many music festivals in Denver to enjoy. This reputation is certainly bolstering Denver’s tourist industry. While that’s great for the local economy, more people inevitably leads to more security risks. As […]

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an important security measure that businesses use to protect everything from Microsoft Office apps to social media to corporate financial accounts.  However, the constant need to repeatedly perform MFA can sometimes lead to a phenomenon known as “MFA fatigue.” We’ve all had those days where every single stop on your digital […]

According to recent cybersecurity research, 69% of businesses are concerned about their cybersecurity and risk management solutions. In exploring the following cyber attack statistics, it’s easy to understand why.  While cyber insurance is custom-built for today’s digital business footprints, it can be overwhelming to try to understand, evaluate, and prepare to apply for cyber insurance […]

When cloud technologies first debuted, most companies were baffled by the value of the cloud. Then, it became a tool primarily for large enterprises, requiring a fairly heavy lift and shift for full adoption. But now, the cloud has become the backbone for business continuity, hybrid work and collaboration. Microsoft OneDrive for Business is the […]

Let’s get real here. Many small to midsize businesses feel safe from all the chatter about cyber attacks. But with the average United States data breach costing $9.44 million, it’s becoming increasingly clear that businesses need to take risk management and cybersecurity seriously. Investing the time to complete a cybersecurity assessment checklist can be a […]

There are several steps that an organization should take to minimize their likelihood of being email “spoofed” by a hacker.  Best Practices for SPF and DKIM are highlighted. What does it mean to be spoofed? There are several methods, but the overall goal is to persuade email recipients to believe that an email received from […]

Imagine that your employee’s personal computer has been hacked. They only ever used one password for personal accounts, and one of the online stores they shop at has been breached. Their password was made public on the dark web, and cybercriminals have used it to hack into their laptop. Now, imagine that your employee is […]

Covering Your MacBook Camera Users have become wary of their personal data and devices and there has been a rise in the amount of users who cover their MacBook camera with various coverings. Apple has become aware of this phenomenon and has discovered several negative consequences that can come from using various camera covers on […]