Securing administrative access to your Sonicwall from the WAN There are several reasons you may want to enable remote management on the public-facing (WAN) interface of a Sonicwall firewall: Remote assistance is needed with the initial configuration Virtual Private Networking (VPN) has not yet been configured You require temporary remote polling or administration For security […]

A strong and effective firewall is central to your business’s security. About 58% of businesses are worried about cybersecurity, and the best possible IT infrastructure is key if you want to protect your company. By choosing the best protections for your company’s digital resources, you can trust your network infrastructure. To achieve the strongest firewall […]

KRACK, WannaCry, Bad Rabbit – The constant appearance of new cyberthreats has smart business leaders seeking to beef up their data and network security. So those looking to purchase a SonicWALL firewall are clearly on the right path. Today’s firewalls offer more protection and cover more threat vectors than even a few years ago.  But even […]

If you are considering the purchase one or more firewalls, but lack the in-house IT expertise to actively manage them, you are likely a good candidate for managed firewall-as-a-service.  The old days of buying a firewall appliance and using the “set it and forget” approach are long gone. Today’s complex and aggressive cybersecurity landscape demands […]

This year, we launched BOUNDARY, and we’re quite excited about it.  BOUNDARY is our SonicWALL firewall-as-a-service offering (FWaaS) which allows organizations to consume their firewalls as a monthly operational expense, as opposed to a one-time or periodic capital expenditure. Why firewall-as-a-service?  A radically different threat landscape has caused IT pros and business leaders to change […]