While bring your own device (BYOD) has been a viable business technology option for more than a decade, the increased number of companies embracing remote work has pushed BYOD usage to new heights. Increased engagement, alongside the real cybersecurity threats that accompany BYOD, means a BYOD policy is no longer an option – it’s a […]

The last resolution challenge we will share as we head into 2024 addresses an often-overlooked aspect of cybersecurity: A clear strategy and roadmap for modernizing legacy systems and futureproofing with new tech that bolsters cybersecurity while enabling cloud adoption and your overall digital transformation. A plan for legacy technology replacement should be an integral part […]

In a word, yes.  HIPAA section 164.308 requires covered entities to “implement security measures sufficient to reduce risks and vulnerabilities to a reasonable and appropriate level.” Is it reasonable to have employees’ potentially leaving unencrypted laptops in the back seats of taxi cabs with private data on them?  Of course not!  The scenario of stolen, […]

When looking for a small business cloud hosting company in the NJ/NYC area, security and compliance questions are sure to arise.  Any understandably so.  We put together a list of frequently asked questions here to guide our prospective customers accordingly.  The questions and answers refer specifically to our New Jersey data center cloud hosting operations. […]

HIPAA and the HITECH Act are U.S. federal laws that apply to most physicians’ offices and healthcare facilities.  They set forth the requirements for the safeguarding of identifiable health information, also called Protected Health Information or PHI. HIPAA and the HITECH Act also require these entities to sign agreements (called business associate agreements BAAs) with […]

You may have seen a lot of encryption news lately, and you aren’t alone. According to Hoffman & Hoffman Worldwide the level of interest in encryption and the number of encryption-related news articles are at an all-time high. What’s causing all the attention? A few things: Increased Breaches As more breaches occur and news outlets […]

As more and more employees are using their own mobile, electronic devices for work, employers must recognize and address the many issues that arise from this practice. Today employees typically own three separate electronic devices (smart phones, tablets and laptops), which all potentially can be used for work. In the very near future, e-mails and […]

Being proactive and not reactive when it comes to protection of business networks and PHI has not been on the forefront in medical offices.  Healthcare professionals are bordering being paralyzed with the overwhelming amount of changes in their organizations that drive resource and financial obligations.  This is the key to why it is being put […]