If you are among the 66% of business leaders who are more concerned about cyber attacks this year than last, then the obvious next question is: what are you doing to protect your business?  Sure, there are incredibly effective cybersecurity solutions that your managed services provider (MSP) can deploy to combat all types of network […]

Securing administrative access to your Sonicwall from the WAN There are several reasons you may want to enable remote management on the public-facing (WAN) interface of a Sonicwall firewall: Remote assistance is needed with the initial configuration Virtual Private Networking (VPN) has not yet been configured You require temporary remote polling or administration For security […]

It’s been three years since the introduction of rowhammer, a technique of bypassing memory isolation protection mechanisms to flip bits in memory.  This attack occurs when a hacker gains code execution privileges on a local system and then rapidly writes and rewrites memory to force capacitor errors in DRAM.  This corruption of memory contents can lead […]

Did you know that 50% of all cyber attacks carried out today target small businesses? In fact, CNBC reported in April 2017 that 14 million businesses had been attacked in the last year alone. Your business could be next. But it doesn’t have to be! The truth is that there are steps every small business […]

A business is only as strong as the people who work there. However, in the Information Age, those employees are only as strong as the IT infrastructure they depend on. The experts at Exigent know this, which is why we’ve dedicated our careers to helping businesses like yours maximize your return on your IT investment. […]

Yesterday, researchers identified a security flaw in the wireless standard (WPA2 or “Wifi Protected Access v2”) used by all hardware and software vendors worldwide. The flaw is known as “KRACK” after the methodology used to gain access to secure wireless networks (key reinstallation attacks). Summary WPA2 is the wireless standard that defines how devices and wireless networks […]

With the proliferation of both small and high-profile breaches occurring globally, it is vital to identify and diagnose security vulnerabilities in your company’s IT infrastructure and assets before a breach or intrusion takes place. Penetration testing, also sometimes called 3rd. party pen testing when done by an outside firm, offers real-world, real-time analysis to determine […]

Protect yourself and network from the Fireball Malware Malware is increasingly being used by scammers to generate huge profits, and if the recent Fireball malware is any indication, scammers are more sophisticated than ever. The Fireball malware hijacks your web browser, changing your homepage and default search engine while preventing you from changing them back. […]

It’s enough to make you want to… well, you know. The WannaCry virus has wreaked havoc across the globe, shutting down hospitals in the UK, seizing control of displays at train stations, and causing billions in damages across 150 countries. Many organizations paid ransoms of $300 to $600 per PC in bitcoin to regain control […]

Here an issue that we are starting to hear more about for clients in the NJ and NY areas where we are providing IT security / Cybersecurity services and consulting.  If fact, we’ve dealt with it internally here at our NJ offices. The Basics Hashing is the transformation of a string of characters into a […]