Recently, the Exigent Technologies Software Development team had the opportunity to deliver another SiteLink API integration for a multi-state self-storage provider, Snapbox Self Storage. Snapbox Self Storage is a self-service storage provider that currently owns and operates 26 facilities across eight states. As part of a major web-presence redesign project, Snapbox wanted to optimize its […]

My years spent developing custom software have taught me many things. Among those things is that managing and maintaining JavaScript code in complex applications can, if not carefully done, quickly become a nightmare. After spending years struggling with common JavaScript and browser compatibility issues, I have come to appreciate just how important properly structured JavaScript […]

As custom software applications become more complex and offer larger and more expansive feature sets, the corresponding need for greater application responsiveness and more powerful processing to accomplish that has grown exponentially. Multicore computer systems deliver the platform with which software developers, especially .net software developers can develop applications that leverage multiple threads, thus providing […]

Nine years in the self storage business taught me that there two irrefutable and immutable facts about the way self storage operators do business: first is that every, and I mean EVERY, self storage company has a different method for looking at the exact same data; second, that none of them is wrong. Though there […]

When was the last time you reviewed your company’s IT security needs? By doing so, you might find that your software is out of date and not suited for your business’s operations. This is where custom software development can fill in the gaps. Just like firewall and cloud computing services, custom software can make your […]

[Foreword] The purpose of this article is to highlight the simplicity with which a software developer can extend their custom application by leveraging web services from the Connectwise Manage Professional Services Automation (PSA) software, via the extensive suite of Connectwise APIs.  The basic principles described herein will apply to extending nearly any custom software application […]

(jump to our main Software Development Page) How do you price software development? We leverage a comprehensive process of business needs discovery and solution design to deliver a full solution, including a Fixed-Fee (not to exceed) quotation for the development of all custom software solutions.  Costs are based entirely upon the effort (number of hours) […]

Cloud-based software like SharePoint Online (or Office 365 SharePoint) and have put powerful, productivity-enhancing tools within reach of businesses of all sizes. But those advantages are undercut when those cloud services won’t talk to the software many businesses are running on their servers to support their day to day operations.  Say a prospect needs […]