We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with an IT Director of a 100-employee business to answer questions surrounding Windows 365 Cloud PCs.  During that meeting we were trying to assess their comfort level with Microsoft Azure related technologies.  The prospect currently uses an on-premises remote desktop (RDP) gateway solution to log into their […]

Securing administrative access to your Sonicwall from the WAN There are several reasons you may want to enable remote management on the public-facing (WAN) interface of a Sonicwall firewall: Remote assistance is needed with the initial configuration Virtual Private Networking (VPN) has not yet been configured You require temporary remote polling or administration For security […]

Online services have moved to protect your privacy by encrypting the data you send and receive across the internet.  While this does keep your data from prying eyes, it also opens up an avenue for new threats to pass under the radar.  You hear us at Exigent talk about layered threat protection all of the […]

Cloud-based software like SharePoint Online (or Office 365 SharePoint) and Salesforce.com have put powerful, productivity-enhancing tools within reach of businesses of all sizes. But those advantages are undercut when those cloud services won’t talk to the software many businesses are running on their servers to support their day to day operations.  Say a prospect needs […]

Most Windows computer users, by default, are granted administrative privileges or “admin rights” to their PC that allow them to access administrative functions, such as installing software and changing various Windows settings. This privilege, however, can be the catalyst for far greater risk than benefit, as it is the very privilege that could lead to […]

We’re really excited about our new relationship with FatPipe Networks.  Their solutions are very unique and really interesting.  Among other things, they have technology that allows you to bond (aggregate) Internet connections such as cable lines, DS3, T1, DSL, OCN, ISDN, wireless, etc.  You can use any combination too.  For the very technical, think of […]

Yesterday, one of our engineers ran into some trouble deploying some BlackBerry’s for a customer.  Verizon happened to have been the carrier.  The client was running BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express (BESx).  After having difficulty provisioning the devices, the engineer decided to call Verizon.  One or more Verizon representatives claimed that BESx was “unsupported” and advised […]

I was just going through my e-mail.  Blogging was the furthest thing from my mind.  Like most people, our employees make use of signatures in their e-mails.  In those signatures, it has become customary to list the various certifications that they have achieved.  I always knew what certifications we had in our repertoire, but perhaps […]

Labor Day 2009: Its 8:50AM and with a steamy cup of coffee in hand, I look down at the table to see the OS X Snow Leopard upgrade package that has been quietly competing all weekend with barbeques and pool parties for my attention. With no hard plans on the agenda, my inner-geek gets the […]