Eric Burke, our VP of Technology and SonicWALL expert shows off his SonicWALL firewall expertise in detailing how to block traffic to or from LAN to WAN and LAN to VPN in this detailed video.  Feel free to comment.

If you work in IT and haven’t heard the term “container” over the last two years then you must have been locked in the NOC with no Internet access. Containers are a combination of technologies that have been present in the linux kernel since 2008, and are used to isolate running processes, file systems, and […]

Interesting issue that was just resolved at a client. We use Cisco WAPs (Cisco WAP321 model) for some SMB customers and it seems that they have an interesting quirk that will cause some serious issues on a network if they are plugged into an STP-enabled SmartSwitch. By default, the WAP is also STP-enabled and it […]

So you have a client that has a VoIP system? They have remote users that need to be able to access the phone system from Internet / VPN? How do you configure an ASA to work with this type of a scenario? Or, even better, why isn’t your ASA configuration working to allow this? If […]

Hairpinning is the term used when someone wants to redirect traffic from an internal network destined for the public IP of an internal resource back to the internal IP of the internal resource. It’s essentially a “U-Turn” for packets destined to travel externally when the ultimate destination is a NATed inside resource on your own […]