Written by: admin on 12/01/11

In an age where we have prototypes of flying cars, phones with more computing power than the most powerful computers from the previous decade, and an ever-growing web of endless possibility which is the Internet, we find ourselves growing in all aspects pf technology. Technology is the Zeus of the modern world and business is our Olympus. However, with a constantly changing world of technology, the warriors of IT must also be capable of changing and growing.

I have worked at Exigent Technologies in the Mount Arlington, New Jersey office for only a few months, but the culture embodies an undeniable Titan amongst the other would-be technomancers of the industry. Technicians are employed at most IT companies. Believe me, I have worked with them. A technician is a technical person employed by a business whose sole purpose is to resolve the technical issues being experienced by someone with as minimal effort as possible. Their goal is to find out what your technical issue is and to put the quickest bandaid possible on it so they can move on to their next droning task. A technology consultant, however, is much more than that. A technology consultant is someone who can work with technology, but has the wisdom and desire to see past the immediate or obvious. A technology consultant is someone who can analyze a problem and not only come up with a temporary fix or work-around for the problem, but develop an entire strategy to eliminate that problem from ever coming back, all while providing the maximum level of customer service, technical aptitude, and business-conscious advice possible. A technology consultant can differentiate between the “right way” to do something and the “easy way” to do something and will always make sure they do right by their clients.

When a small to medium sized business shops for a technology company to implement, support, or administer their servers and networks, they might not understand the difference between a technician and a true consultant. That is where we come along. Exigent Technologies is not a company that employs technicians. We employ consultants. When we perform work for our clients, that work is not performed so that we can pave the way for our future, it is done to pave the way for their future. In turn, as those businesses grow, their increased growth and trust in Exigent allow us to grow as well. This is the kind of culture and mindset that Exigent Technologies cultivates. And for that, I am not only privileged to be a consultant for our clients, but honored to be counted amongst the few, the proud, and the nerdy!