Written by: Daniel Haurey on 08/04/17

If you are considering the purchase one or more firewalls, but lack the in-house IT expertise to actively manage them, you are likely a good candidate for managed firewall-as-a-service.  The old days of buying a firewall appliance and using the “set it and forget” approach are long gone.

Today’s complex and aggressive cybersecurity landscape demands that organizations take a more proactive approach.  If you are serious about protecting your digital assets, including customer data, consider some or all of these benefits to managed firewall-as-a-service. The benefits below may be applicable to the consumption of other firewall-as-a-service subscriptions, however, we offer this list as it relates directly to our own Boundary, Firewall-as-a-Service offering, powered by SonicWall.

  1. No initial capital expenditure for firewall hardware or software
  2. No annual fees for licensing or warranty support
  3. Updating of firmware, OS and security updates, including gateway AV and anti-malware, allowing you to mitigate risk
  4. Global management system (GMS) monitoring and proactive notifications for firewall and Internet connectivity related issues
  5. Deep packet analysis and content filtering
  6. Configuration, unlimited remote support, and consultation for product and risk related inquiries
  7. Automatic backups of firewall configurations stored offsite
  8. Periodic reporting
  9. Ongoing hardware replacement
  10. Ability to scale up or down as your business needs dictate by simply swapping your existing firewall out for a new one

If you are ready to protect more and fear less, contact us to learn more about our Boundary, Firewall-as-a-Service (powered by SonicWall) offering today.