Written by: Daniel Haurey on 11/21/14

This morning, we sent out a notice to our customers regarding an email that purports to be from UPS.  It looks like a legitimate delivery notice.  It has an attachment as well.  The sender’s goal is to have you click on the link(s) or attachment in order to effectuate the attack.

We don’t have specifics on the type of threat imposed at this point (e.g.) virus, malware, adware, etc., but it is certainly fraudulent and likely dangerous.  A picture of the email appears below.


We would urge you to be very attentive in this regard and suspicious of any email coming from UPS, especially if you are not expecting a package delivery.  The best approach would be to avoid clicking on any emails from UPS at all.  Instead, to track a package, simply use the UPS.COM website.


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