Written by: Daniel Haurey on 02/12/18

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Having a business is a lot of work, especially at the start up. Finding a space, a client base, and staff are all huge steps that need to be accomplished in order to jump start a business of any kind. There are still things to think about after the initial opening of the business, however.

Security services are very important for all types of businesses; those dealing with the public, and those that are not. IT security is a must, but it can be complicated. That’s why there are IT consulting firms for help with every businesses IT security needs. In fact, for companies of all sizes, 38% of them reached out to a managed IT service provider to enhance security and compliance.

Speaking of compliance, one of the fist things that a business owner should do if they are dealing with transactions of any kind that deal with credit card payments is get PCI compliant. Here are just three reasons why every business owner should make sure they are compliant with PCI standards.

Security for Data
Security Metrics states that malware threats, remote-access attacks, and social engineering are all possible security threats that any business could be under besides just physical threats. It is important to take the proper precautions to keep the computers, networks, and servers secure at any business. Being PCI compliant allows card data to be safe from any hackers and thieves.

Your Customers Will Feel Safe
The customers of any business will not ever fear using their cards to make purchases if they know that they will be protected by PCI standards. Customers will know that the business owner cares about their safety and security, and will feel confident when shopping at that business.

If a Data Breach Does Occur, You’re Protected
There is a very slim chance that a business who is PCI compliant will have a data breach. However, it is still possible. Fortunately, being PCI compliant makes the process of recovery much quicker and easier. The cost of cleaning up the mess after a data breach goes down significantly when the business complies with PCI standards. Said business also avoids any lawsuits that may ensure after a data breach.

IT consulting firms all over the world will suggest being PCI compliant for any business, regardless of type and size. If you need assistance with PCI compliance or any other IT related issue, please contact us today.


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