Written by: Daniel Haurey on 06/29/18

Odds are good you do more of your personal shopping online, and even on mobile devices. We’re increasingly a do-it-yourself culture, with buyers now expecting instant access to the information they need– including price — to make decisions like selecting an IT managed services provider.

Research shows those preferences are influencing on-the-job behavior as well. In fact by 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationships with the enterprises they do business with without interacting with a human, according to Gartner.

Image of Managed IT Services Cost Calculator

So it can be frustrating for our New Jersey, Tri-State area prospects, when they’re trying to get the info they need to select a provider of managed IT services, only to encounter roadblocks: a form to fill out, a number to call, days of waiting, just to start the process that eventually leads to a quote. That’s why Exigent has made a highly unusual decision: to list the prices of our managed IT services right on our web site.

Here’s why we made this choice – and why we believe we are the only managed IT services company in the New Jersey, NYC area to give their prospects a firm and immediate price quote, online:

  • We know price is near the top of your list when you’re researching options for managed IT service providers. Chances are “price” and “cost” together with “IT services” or “managed IT services” are the search terms that brought you to this very page.
  • We know immediate access to pricing makes your job easier.
  • We know our prices are very good. With 20 years of providing award-winning managed IT services under our belts, we’re confident that we can commit to these low rates, deliver outstanding quality and value and remain fiscally healthy.

This is a pretty radical idea in our business. Most managed IT services and IT support companies require that you progress well into their sales funnel before you’ll see your first numbers. There are several reasons for that:

  • Profits: IT services companies want to charge what the market will bear. If they observe cues that your company can afford more – you have luxurious offices or they get a gut feel from your conversations – those impressions will influence the quotation.
  • Risk: Most IT services companies are more familiar with some brands of equipment than others. It costs them more to support unfamiliar brands because of the investment they must make in educating themselves. That cost will be reflected in the quote.
  • Negotiation: Haggling is part of the configure-price-quote tradition. They want time to figure out how much they need to bump up the quoted price to allow for the reductions you’ll request.

We think those days are over. Our research suggests today’s buyers are tired of these old-school approaches and the time-consuming dance as buyer and seller size each other up. Sales experts say times have changed: “Buyer expectations have moved away from the traditional buyer/seller relationship, and are more focused on self-serving, eCommerce-driven sales environments.” In fact, 67% of the buyer’s journey is now done digitally, according to Sirius Decisions.

We also have a crystal clear understanding of our business model and what it costs to deliver our services. We’ve already done our homework, we know what our costs are, and we know it would be very helpful for you to have this information right up front.

So go checkout our Managed IT Services Pricing Calculator.  Our rates are listed right there on the page, and you can easily generate your own IT managed services quote on the spot. We’re confident that being likely the only IT service provider in the NYC and NJ area to list our prices online will make your life easier, and you’ll give us the chance to show you all of the other ways that Exigent stands out in the IT managed services marketplace.


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