Written by: Daniel Haurey on 02/12/18

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When a company chooses to develop its own app to better serve customers, it’s likely an exciting time for growth. But in a sea of mobile applications, you need to make sure yours stands out and is actually useful to consumers. In the six months or more it typically takes an app development team (usually consisting of six to 10 people) to launch, technology and user preferences will likely change quite a bit. And if your app has been out in the marketplace for months or even a year or two, it’ll likely be in need of some tweaks to stay relevant. Not sure whether your app could use a facelift? Here are some signs your app could stand to be a bit more cutting-edge.

  1. It doesn’t provide a personalized experienceThe bottom line is that web users want convenient, personalized solutions for their problems. Your app has the power to provide them, but you may not be utilizing digital analytics to the fullest. To better serve your customers, you need to gain insight into how they’re using your app. This can tell you which features are most popular, which need work, and what the average consumer might do next. To make things more streamlined, you should eliminate the need to manually enter information or encounter frustrations that could make them abandon your app altogether. IT consulting firms can help you to determine the areas in your app that are lacking and how you can deliver a more tailor-made experience to users.
  2. You haven’t fixed bugs or launched new features latelyJust like a stagnant web page won’t help you see improved ranking results, a stale smartphone app probably won’t yield the results you want. Tech lovers want to be captivated by new and exciting features and want their concerns addressed as soon as possible. Otherwise, they’ll probably seek out a better alternative. You should also keep in mind that the realm of technology is always changing, and that your app needs to change along with it. Otherwise, your app may not even function properly on the newest devices. Be sure to contact an information technology consulting firm if you’re stuck on how to make your app more functional or appealing.
  3. Your app doesn’t have the “wow” factorHere’s the thing: it’s not enough just to have an app. You need to give users a real reason to use it and keep coming back to it. That comes down to providing something incredibly useful and unique. Whether it’s an innovative way to improve productivity, solve a personal problem, or a new way to buy products, you need to do everything you can to differentiate yourself from all the rest and do so in the right ways. Do your research and work with IT consulting firms to ensure your app really delivers the goods.

An app can help your company reach and appeal to a wider demographic. But an outdated, boring app won’t do you any favors. If you want to make sure your app is actually serving your business to its full potential, you’ll want to hire a professional IT consulting firm that specializes in mobile app projects.