Last week, security blogger Marc Rogers posted an article describing how Lenovo admittedly installed adware on consumer laptops which compromised users’ security. Lenovo’s response was feeble and insulting, hinting at the sort of hubris that only a corrupt politician could expect his or her constituents to endure without question.  Although still insufficient, an apology would be nice (or at least […]

By allowing profits to come before the safety of consumers, Lenovo violated our trust and made a huge withdrawal from our emotional bank accounts.  Indeed, all extraneous software will now be considered suspect.  Here is how Lenovo and it’s CTO Peter Hortensius can recover and come out smelling like roses. Forge and enact a new […]

When looking for a small business cloud hosting company in the NJ/NYC area, security and compliance questions are sure to arise.  Any understandably so.  We put together a list of frequently asked questions here to guide our prospective customers accordingly.  The questions and answers refer specifically to our New Jersey data center cloud hosting operations. […]

Our Microsoft Dynamics NAV hosted cloud offering is something that we’re really proud of.  The hosted service, which is built of on our solid TurnKey Cloud platform, allows small to mid-sized enterprises to focus on their core competencies while leveraging all of the powerful features of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, without the worry or hassle of […]

Over the holiday break, I picked up a complimentary copy of Industry Magazine (NJ Edition) at Ray Catena Range Rover, Jaguar.  The publication, right at home in this luxury auto dealership, bills itself as an upscale print magazine that brings to life the world of fashion, entertainment, and luxury lifestyle for tastemakers and trendsetters.  I […]

It doesn’t seem possible to be able to forward a voicemail on Verizon wireless.  SERIOUSLY?  How can that be?  Is this not a very BASIC voicemail function?  Note the title of this blog post mentions iPhone, but it really doesn’t matter if it’s an iPhone or any other mobile phone.  Forwarding a voicemail message is […]

Did you know that you can make Microsoft (MS) Office documents automatically back up, so you never have to lose your progress if your computer or application crashes? The following tip is one of the most important Microsoft Office tips. You can set this up for Word, PowerPoint, Excel and other Microsoft Office Suite applications. […]

This morning, we sent out a notice to our customers regarding an email that purports to be from UPS.  It looks like a legitimate delivery notice.  It has an attachment as well.  The sender’s goal is to have you click on the link(s) or attachment in order to effectuate the attack. We don’t have specifics […]

Most Windows computer users, by default, are granted administrative privileges or “admin rights” to their PC that allow them to access administrative functions, such as installing software and changing various Windows settings. This privilege, however, can be the catalyst for far greater risk than benefit, as it is the very privilege that could lead to […]

HIPAA and the HITECH Act are U.S. federal laws that apply to most physicians’ offices and healthcare facilities.  They set forth the requirements for the safeguarding of identifiable health information, also called Protected Health Information or PHI. HIPAA and the HITECH Act also require these entities to sign agreements (called business associate agreements BAAs) with […]

You may have seen a lot of encryption news lately, and you aren’t alone. According to Hoffman & Hoffman Worldwide the level of interest in encryption and the number of encryption-related news articles are at an all-time high. What’s causing all the attention? A few things: Increased Breaches As more breaches occur and news outlets […]

We Join Drew Carey and Add To Reward for Capture of Autism Pranksters I was moved and saddened by the heinous act inflicted on a young man with autism in Ohio.  Exigent Technologies would like to add $500 for information leading to the arrest of the person(s) responsible for this atrocious act.  I invite others […]