Written by: Daniel Haurey on 01/14/12

The cloud computing era is here and it’s a great time to be a small business. If you do it right, cloud computing could save you money and provide you higher levels of reliability. But with so many options out there, how do you choose?

We’ll, how do you choose a doctor, or an accountant? Certainly, the usual criteria like length and depth of experience should come into play. Other obvious factors like number of years in business should be considered too. So, what about location?

When we bring up the topic of location, some customers tilt their head in bewilderment, as if to ask, “Isn’t the cloud everywhere?” Or, “does the location of my small business cloud services company really matter?” We think it does, and here’s why.

Location, location, location

When looking at cloud services for your small business, you’ll want to ask your salesperson where your precious data will actually live once you move your business to the cloud. Yes, you did read that correctly. Wouldn’t you like to know that your data isn’t sitting a block away from a potential terrorist hotspot? How you like to learn that your servers are actually sitting in a known flood zone?

When shopping for small business cloud services, you absolutely want to visit the datacenter that will house the computing infrastructure for your small business cloud needs. It just makes sense to see it and touch it, doesn’t it? Any cloud services provider should be more than happy to take you on a guided, informative tour of their facility. After all, you don’t know if you don’t see. It would be pretty embarrassing to suffer a massive data or computing outage, only to find out that your cloud services provider’s datacenter was actually a small unused room in his basement.

Want to visit our jaw-dropping, purpose built multimillion dollar facility? Reach out to one of our friendly representatives to arrange for a tour. Hint: it’s not in our basement!