Written by: Daniel Haurey on 12/22/13

I was recently interviewed by a trade magazine that was putting together a story with predictions about tech trends for the upcoming year. One of the things I mentioned was that, 2013 will be a year of “churn and burn” for small business cloud services. Let me explain.

Hoards of eager, early adopters of small business cloud technology flocked to cloud services behemoths and any anyone else that hung out a shingle, often in haste. These hurried small business owners, at times, way too involved in IT, falsely believed that the new way to “do IT” (pun intended) removed the complexity of IT. The reality – that’s just not the case. Whether servers, storage or computing power exists in your closet or in the cloud, each use case and need for IT in the small business are as unique as the business owners themselves.

So now that many of these business owners have had a taste of the DropBoxes and Amazon’s of the world, and having experienced their impersonal customer service, detached support and security issues, many will realize that, while the consumption model of small business IT services has changed, everything else remains the same. Especially the tenet that, technology is intrinsically complex and better left in the hands of (or outsourced to) capable IT professionals like the folks here at Exigent. Happy New Year!