Written by: admin on 03/10/12

Generally, infrastructure as a service (IaaS) refers to scenario where some or all of the IT hardware, software and services used by your organization are being delivered to you as service.

Simply put, when the need arises to purchase new IT infrastructure or replace aging or defective items, you decide against purchasing and owning the items.  Instead, you decide to fulfill your organization’s IT needs and goals by utilizing servers and other IT infrastructure located outside of your office.

Do you want to own it, or rent it?

Some people liken (IaaS) to renting, versus owning a home.  For many people, owning their own home is simply ideal.  Perhaps they’re very handy and enjoy gardening, painting and home repair.  These buyers accept the fact that homes need constant maintenance.  They know that they’ll have to perform that maintenance themselves.  And if not, they are certainly more than willing to pay a professional to perform that maintenance.

For others, the carefree condominium lifestyle is most appealing.  These buyers aren’t very mechanically inclined.  Or, they enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that the grass will always be green, the snow will always be shoveled and the pool is always clean.