Written by: Daniel Haurey on 10/11/10

I recently came across this interesting whitepaper which makes the case for replacing old computers with modern ones.  I immediately thought the paper would be an interesting read for our small business IT services customers.  Far too often, people overlook the many benefits of replacing those old clunker PCs with modern machines.  The rationale used often is that a particular small business or a certain user doesn’t have the need for a modern machine (e.g.) “John just does word processing and e-mail”.

Not replacing old PCs solely on the basis of what the end-user does is wrong.  How about the fact that older PCs cost so much more to maintain than their newer counterparts?  What about the fact that the PC is the centerpiece of your employee’s work experience?  A slow PC with annoying issues will certainly reflect on that employee’s outlook of your company, don’t you think?  Check out the FREE whitepaper here:  “The Case for Buying  Modern PCs”.  And remember, we’re always here to help with your new IT hardware and software purchases.


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