Written by: Daniel Haurey on 05/22/09

So I’ve been geeking out with my new MacBook and OS X, and trying to figure out whether I would go with VMware Fusion or Parallels for Microsoft Windows application integration.  But as of a few minutes ago, I might not use either of them!  Exigent Technologies is a big believer in thin-client and server-based computing.  We regularly install and configure Windows Terminal Services, 2X and Ericom PowerTerm WebConnect. In fact, we’ve built our cloud computing offering on the Ericom platform and use Exigent-Technologies-blog-01 PowerTerm WebConnect internally.

Using PowerTerm WebConnect and Windows 2008 Terminal Services, we simply published the Windows applications that I want to be able to access from my Mac.  Now I can just use a web browser to access them and my internal network, quickly and securely, from anywhere.  And yes, it works with Safari (though I use Firefox).

So the question is, should a business owner or IT manager purchase, deploy and maintain several copies of Fusion or Parallels?  Or, simply set up a server based solution like Ericom to streamline the process.  For now, I’m holding off on installing Fusion or Parallels until such a time that I see a good reason to have one of them running on my Mac.


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