Written by: Daniel Haurey on 02/22/18

it services firmThe future is already here and it’s time to ensure that all our businesses and personal employee information are fully secured and protected.

Though technology has revolutionized virtually every industry across the world, criminals are just as capable of using all this new technology for all kinds of criminal activity. Currently, over half of all businesses (58%) are worried about cyber attacks, but every company, from mega corporations to small-town shops, should be aware of the dangers of digital hacking.

The only way to 100% prevent your company from cyber attack is to go off the grid and rid yourself of all digital activity. Obviously that’s not a feasible option in 2018 because technology and the Internet are so integral to a company’s success — so what else can we do?

IT services firms can help provide your organization, and all the smaller departments within, with high quality, customized support services. You can either work with these IT services firms for their cyber security consultations or work with their IT security professionals directly — or both.

IT Consulting
Here are some of the services that IT consulting firms can provide for your company:

  • Network design and advice for your entire IT infrastructure.
  • Strategic planning and advice for both short and long-term future.
  • IT assistance consulting for start-up organizations.
  • Digital risk assessment and mitigation.
  • Technological assistance for non-profit organizations.

Cyber Security
Additionally, here are some of the security services that IT firms can provide for your company:

  • Interior and perimeter defense.
  • Secure network design.
  • Lockdowns for individual or group desktops.
  • Digital penetration tests.
  • Ethical hacker services and executive security standards and baselines.
  • PCI compliance and data breach notification law assistance.
  • Privacy policy procedure development

Be sure to spend a sufficient amount of time, energy, and your resources to protect your business and all its valuable information. If you want to learn more about company security in the digital age or work with a quality IT services firm, contact Exigent Technologies today.