Be Prepared for Every Disaster With Exigent Business Continuity

Organizations that demand continuous uptime, also known as “high availability,” can utilize our Business Continuity managed service to continue doing business in the face of a disaster.

The definition of a disaster varies widely from a single server failure to complete destruction of the physical work site due to fire, flood, theft or other misfortune. Using best-of-breed software, we can design a customized solution that allows your business to continue some or all of its technology-centric operations while you remedy problems and return to normal.

At the core of our approach is innovative software that performs real-time file replication (mirroring) between your site and our data center over a secure, “always-on” connection.

Here are a few practical examples of this technology at work:

Isolated server failure or data loss
Your e-mail server fails, rendering it completely inoperable. Restoration from tape backup can take many hours. Our software solution senses the problem, makes changes to the systems on your network and redirects users to our data center, which is hosting your replicated data. Your business continues to receive e-mail while you remedy the issues with your server. A similar scenario can be applied to a server that stores documents and databases as well.

Physical damage or complete destruction of your site
Because of a disaster, your office is destroyed or inaccessible. Since your data was replicated to our data center, employees can use remote access software to work from home or temporary locations while you solve the underlying issues. Remote workers will have access to some or all the software and data they’re accustomed to, thus minimizing the impact on your business.

Why Work with Exigent?

Frank Vizzuso

Vice President, Business Development

25 Years of IT Solutions Experience

We know IT inside and out. We’ve been helping businesses overcome their technology challenges since 1997. Cumulatively, our staff has over 300 years of experience implementing and supporting IT solutions.

Nationwide, yet Local Service

We ensure you receive world-class IT services no matter where you are. Our experts at our New Jersey, New York, Colorado, and California offices have the local expertise and experience you need to succeed with technology in your area.

Rooted In Our Core Values

Our core values set us a part by communicating our standards up front. They highlight our commitment to true excellence, goodwill, and collaboration. All of these beliefs combine to enrich the lives of our customers, staff, and partners.

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