Whether your company is using disparate pieces of software and needs to link or leverage data from one into the other using an application programming interface (API), or seeking to develop a completely custom API service to integrate with other software packages, Exigent Technologies can help streamline your business processes with a wide range of software application development services. Contact us today by phone or via online form to learn more about our web /API integration services.

What Is API Integration?

APIs are tools that make it possible to build and manage application software as well as share data and services among those applications They allow communication between various software components and provide building blocks to streamline the development of computer programs. Third-party APIs are simply APIs provided by third parties, including companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google. As an example, the Google Maps APIs allow websites to display custom maps on their location pages. Third-party application integration is also required for website analytics, plugins, widgets and other essential business applications.

Why Choose Exigent Technologies ?

Since 1997, Exigent has provided custom software development services to small and medium-size organizations in a variety of industries. Whether you need help with a single project or are looking for fully customized support for a wide range of IT needs, our proven expertise can help your business meet its goals. When it comes to web services, our team is well-versed in integrating APIs with third-party software providers, enhancing the software’s functionality and allowing easy access to data.

Get In Touch With Our Experts

If you’re looking to learn more about our business intelligence and integration services, including web services/API integration with third-party software providers, reach out to our full-service information technology consulting firm today. Call us at 877-394-4368, or submit an online form and we’ll get back to you shortly.