Technology is transformational when used correctly to enable healthcare and medical practices.

For example, the right IT services for a medical practice can eliminate patient waiting time, encourage a collaborative approach to care, speed and increase reimbursements from insurance, and enable seamless communication across all your stakeholders and providers. With IT solutions for healthcare tailored to your specific medical practice, Exigent will guide you through improving the experience of your patients and delivering top-notch care and improving outcomes.

Exigent understands the low risk threshold of healthcare practices as well as the complications integral to healthcare IT services.

Leveraging our deep expertise in IT services for medical, we design and support solutions that address HIPAA compliance, data accessibility and integrity, strict cybersecurity protocols, high uptime demands, and more.

We design healthcare IT solutions that are easy for your staff to adopt and use, accelerating the value and ROI.

  • With our background in compliance and IT security, we’ll secure your patient and facility data end-to-end.
  • To address today’s emphasis on more flexible care options, we can build telemedicine capabilities that help your care team serve more patients and collaborate more easily with other practitioners.
  • By deploying seamless and reliable enterprise and campus Wi-Fi infrastructure, we’ll enable technology throughout your facility, as well as provide full asset support.
  • If you need to ease into digital transformation, Exigent supports interoperability between older technology and innovative modern healthcare IT solutions.

Case Study

Advanced Spine Case Study

Learn more about how Exigent Technologies supports healthcare organizations in this case study about The Advanced Spine Center

It can be easy to overlook the impact technology can have on the efficient delivery of essential healthcare services.

Today’s patients—your customers—have many choices when it comes to medical practices, ambulatory surgery centers (ASC) and sub-acute care.  They expect an intuitive portal for making appointments, checking in before arrival, updating medical insurance records, and quickly accessing laboratory test results. Not only can Exigent guide you through building the best patient experience, but we will also help your care team streamline their side of the patient journey and create new efficiencies for your medical practice. Our team will be with you every step of the way, from consultative planning through technical implementation, then from training to ongoing support. Let’s talk about how we can make your medical practice more efficient and effective, enabling you to offer the best care and customer experience to your patients.

From Our Clients

I have been working with Exigent for almost 20 years. Each person, from management to sales, technicians to accounting are all wonderful to work with. No matter whom I deal with, they are always extremely friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable.
- Lynne Rolsing, Practice Manager, The Advanced Spine Center

They are continuously working to make sure our environment is secure and are responsive in addressing any issues that arise in the office. It has been a pleasure working with them for all these years!
- Lynne Rolsing, Practice Manager, The Advanced Spine Center

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