Nonprofits often face the same IT demands as any corporation, particularly around security, data governance, IT security and compliance, but with significantly smaller budgets.

Exigent Technologies takes pride in delivering the effective IT services nonprofits need while diligently considering ROI and cost. Whether a small, local organization with simple nonprofit IT needs, or a large, regional or national nonprofit with multiple locations—Exigent works closely with staff to ensure quality technology solutions, end-to-end cyber security, the systems needed to meet compliance regulations, and the support for seamless operations.

Exigent proactively roadmaps technology needs to support predictable IT investments.

We also offering technology best practices around processes that make the most of that spend. Our team collaborates closely with nonprofit staff to advise on IT solutions with the highest impact, while also guiding organizations toward better technology purchasing options.

That thoughtful approach is especially important when it comes to IT compliance and cybersecurity planning. While smaller nonprofits may seem unlikely targets, cyber criminals consider those organizations rich targets—putting operations at risk, damaging reputations, and exposing the personal, financial, legal, and even health data of donors, clients, and employees.

Plus, compliance regulations for nonprofits can range widely—from securing Personal Identifiable Information to HIPAA, or even GDPR if accepting donations globally. Exigent leverages deep expertise in both areas to serve its nonprofit clients.

Exigent delivers affordable, high-impact IT services for nonprofits so you can focus on your mission while we make sure your donor and sponsor data is secure. Let’s talk about how Exigent can tailor effective IT services for your nonprofit.

Read “Four Pillars of Cyber-Risk Management for Nonprofits”

In this whitepaper, our Exigent Technologies experts provide an intuitive guide for nonprofits to enhance their cybersecurity controls, with a focus on the nature of risk and corresponding regulations in a changing business environment.


Case Study

CAPE Case Study

Learn more about how Exigent Technologies supports nonprofits in this case study about the California Association of Professional Employees (CAPE).

From Our Clients

As Morris County's leading provider of supplemental nutrition to local families in need, ensuring our systems are consistently and reliably functioning is paramount to our delivery of services. Dan's team at Exigent is always in front of the curve when it comes to proactive solutions to meet our needs and is highly responsive on the occasions we need them to react. Having the Exigent team behind us allows us to be forward-focused on our mission.
-Carolyn Lake, Executive Director, Interfaith Food Pantry

Exigent Technologies was instrumental in updating our antiquated information technology system and enabling us to efficiently and effectively communicate both internally and externally and to share files safely. Even though we now have an IT expert on staff, Exigent still plays a critical role in servicing our entire network, keeping it safe and trouble-free.
- Howard Haughton, CEO, Eva’s Village

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