As such, we’re now able to offer all of these features that we’ve been talking about in a product and server that we call PREVENT managed backup to disaster recovery. The solution encompasses all the features that we’ve been talking about here today, including very frequent backups. In fact, the solution takes backup snapshots as frequently as every 15 minutes by default. All day long, every 15 minutes your servers are being replicated to our backup solution.

In addition to that, the entire server is virtualized. That’s technical, but that means that in the event of a server failure, and usually within 30 minutes, we can boot up a virtual image of the server that died on our backup hardware. We can have that server up and running even though the original server and its hardware is completely dead or inoperable.

Since this is technical, let me stress this. Your server has died completely. Using this backup solution, we can boot an image, a virtualized image of that server as it existed 15 or so minutes ago on our backup device allowing your company to stay working and stay productive. When the original server is operational again, we simply stop using the backup device and we go back to the original server.

We also said that any good backup system must be monitored regularly. Our PREVENT solution is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. This means that if your cleaning person so much as kicked the plug out of the wall by accident, our technicians are going to get notified and will be contacting you to make sure we rectify the problem. We said that you need to monitor the backups. You cannot set it and forget it and PREVENT offers that 24 by 7 monitoring that we feel is very important to any backup to a disaster recovery plan.

Lastly, your backups can optionally for a very small fee, be sent offsite to a US data center run by XO Communications. For those of you that don’t know, XO is a $1.4 billion dollar publicly traded company that provides outsourced data center services. This means that we’re going to take the data that we’ve backed up locally and we’re going to send it offsite to an offsite data center. This is going to protect you against hopefully something that never happens. Theft, fire, flood, et cetera.

How does it work? We have this graphic here which is also on our website. Basically what you have here is if you start on the left, these are the servers in your office or location. What we do is we provide you with the network attached storage device. That’s this box here. What we do is we provide you with this network attached storage box. It looks like a small server. All day long, your servers are backing up to this box that we put on site. As frequently as every 15 minutes that backup is happening. In the event of a server failure, this device can take over where your server left off. Additionally, every night we transmit the backups that now reside on that box and then send them in an encrypted password protected format to the offsite data center.

Here are your servers. They get backed up every 15 minutes and virtualized up to this box that we provide. That data is then sent over the Internet in an encrypted format, meaning no one can decipher what that data is. It gets sent to this primary data center, which is in Pennsylvania. That primary data center is then replicated to another data center called the secondary data center. What that in turn provides you is three copies of your data in three distinct geographical locations at any given time. You will have a copy of your data on site in your office. You will have a copy of your data in the primary data center in Pennsylvania. Another copy of your data in a secondary data center.

We’re really excited about this product. We hope that we were able to educate you today on some of the pitfalls of using and relying on tape backup alone. We’d like to talk to you more about this. It is our goal to get all of our clients off of tape backup or off of relying 100% on tape backup and getting them onto our PREVENT solution. The technology is extremely affordable, starting at about $300 with no up front cost for this solution. Let me repeat that; no up front investment. That’s going to conclude our presentation at this time. I’d like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for their business and for joining in. We hope that you felt that it was time well spent.

For more information or for the action item here, just open up your email software and simply send us a blank email to [email protected]. On the subject line, just put PREVENT and our dispatcher knows what that means. Even if you’re watching this on a recorded basis, if you need more information, want more information, want to have a free consultation with us on what your backup risk tolerance is, to get more information on PREVENT, simply open up your email client, send us an email to [email protected] and put in the subject of PREVENT. We’ll make sure we get to you. Once again, thank you all for being with us today. I hope you have a great day.