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Mount Arlington, NJ, and New York, NY—Jan. 2, 2019—The leadership of Exigent Technologies, a full-service IT consulting firm that delivers high-performance technology to small to mid-sized businesses in a wide range of industries, has launched a new business to address the complex need for risk management and cybersecurity in businesses facing strict regulatory compliance controls. Starting in 2019, consulting firm Partners in Regulatory Compliance (PIRC) will offer clients consultative risk management services and advise businesses on sophisticated technology solutions to ensure regulatory compliance, integrated with the best in cybersecurity defense platforms.

“For more than 20 years, as the trusted technology advisor in the New York tristate area, we’ve worked alongside our clients to protect their human and business assets. But, as both digital attacks and regulatory demands grow exponentially, we’ve seen the need for a specialized consultative business that focuses on innovative, sophisticated security and regulatory compliance protection for our region, particularly for businesses in high-risk verticals such as law, finance, nonprofits, healthcare and education,” explained Daniel Haurey, President of Exigent Technologies and a founding member of PIRC.

In addition to offering Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) as-a-service, enabling full leadership at a fraction of the cost of an in-house resource, PIRC will focus on several key elements of regulatory compliance needed to address compliance controls, as well as supporting the professional and ethical commitment to protect the sensitive data businesses and nonprofits work with and store on behalf of their customers and stakeholders. Services include:

Beyond its technical expertise, the PIRC team is well-versed in key regulatory compliance laws, including:

The PIRC certified cybersecurity team can provide exceptional levels of expertise regardless of a company’s current security stance. Plus, the team can work independently or side-by-side with a business’ existing IT department to enhance risk mitigation efforts.

While PIRC will stand alone as a consultative compliance and cybersecurity professional services business, it’s team will collaborate with Exigent’s existing staff to offer fully integrated technology solutions to customers, accessing Exigent’s knowledge base when and where needed, and vice versa.

“Our job is to be one step ahead of what our customers need, guiding them toward the right solutions for their business,” explains Haurey. “For Exigent, that may be enhancing your business efficiencies with cloud technology or building custom software applications. With PIRC, it means exploring, understanding and implementing cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions built specifically for regulatory compliance demands in order to deliver exactly the protection our clients need.”

To learn more about PIRC, visit the new website at or email [email protected].

About PIRC

Partners in Regulatory Compliance is a consulting firm that provides innovative answers to the growing, complex need for cybersecurity in businesses facing strict regulatory compliance controls. By addressing the full range of digital and human threats to create a compliant, secure environment, PIRC ensures customers are meeting their professional, ethical and legal commitment to protect the sensitive data they work with and store on behalf of their clients.