Managed infrastructure as a service offers the power of the cloud—with a trusted partner that knows your business

When Exigent customers appealed to our team to offer cloud services they could trust, they were looking for 100% transparency, 99% or more uptime, and white-glove service by local experts. The result was Turnkey Cloud. With Exigent’s private cloud services, your organization can take advantage of the scalability and flexibility of infrastructure as a service, fully supported by our experienced team.

Our cloud computing infrastructure is owned, maintained, and supported by us and is often the perfect solution for businesses that:

  • Want complete control over their data
  • Need scalable solutions that flex with their changing business needs
  • Expect white-glove support and service from a local team
  • Need secure, highly available solutions for office, hybrid, and remote staff
  • Enjoy predictable, subscription-based access to technology resources

Advantages of Private Cloud

  • No upfront hardware investment
  • Improved resource utilization
  • Increased security
  • Easier regulatory compliance
  • Flexibility – only pay for what you use
  • Scalability

Our primary New Jersey data center is in Morris County, New Jersey, located well above the FEMA 500-year flood plain. Our  operations have proven their resiliency, remaining intact, dry, and accessible during all recent hurricanes and nor’easters, including Superstorm Sandy.

Our carrier neutral New Jersey data center operation features:

  • Nondescript structure
  • 24X7 staffed security
  • Advanced video surveillance
  • Biometric Authentication
  • Multiple 2(N+1) Redundant Power Systems

And since no cloud solution is complete without geographical redundancy, we backup your data locally, but also replicate that data to a secure, secondary data center.