Protect your organization with Exigent’s comprehensive backup and disaster recovery platform

Disasters come in many shapes and forms—cyber attacks, natural disasters, hardware failures, fires, and more.  Regardless of what causes data loss, every business must have a plan to reliably, completely, and securely backup critical business data and ensure business continuity during catastrophic disruptions.

Exigent’s Prevent backup and disaster recovery platform provides affordable options for both managed hybrid and fully cloud-based data protection and restoration solutions. Not sure which option is best for your organization? Because there are many variables to consider, including regulatory compliance mandates, our team will evaluate your specific needs during a detailed discovery process and recommend the best option for your business.

Our hybrid Prevent solution for secure backup makes recovery a seamless, reliable process.

  • Continuous backups as frequently as every 15 minutes to an Exigent-provided on-premises appliance
  • Onsite appliance can be used as a standby server in the event of a server failure
  • Virtual, complete snapshots of your servers provide full business continuity
  • Enables access to your data or the “duplicate” failover server in minutes rather than hours or days
  • The onsite appliance transmits data to a secure, U.S.-based data center where it is retained in an encrypted, compressed format
  • Replication to a secondary data center creates a third copy of your data, in geographically distinct regions

Exigent’s cloud-based Prevent solution offers similar resiliency, redundancy and reliability, housed entirely in a secure cloud platform. Both options ensure data is fully encrypted and accessible only to you and Exigent as the key holder.

Don’t let bad luck, Mother Nature, or crafty cyber criminals derail your organization.  With Prevent, resiliency is simple as 1-2-3.

What do you risk without backup and disaster recovery?

  • Accidental, and perhaps permanent, data loss
  • Operational downtime
  • Unplanned expenses
  • Reputation loss
  • Protracted recovery from hardware failures or attacks
  • Failure to meet compliance requirements

Let’s uncover the right Prevent backup and disaster recovery solution for you.

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