Bring Your Remote Workforce Into a Standardized Environment.

Today’s employees can work from anywhere on almost any device. Remote work is powerful – but if it’s not managed correctly, it can lead to major security and productivity issues.

Is Your Remote Workforce Facing These Challenges?

Unsecure environments.

If your employees are working from home networks or coffee shops, it is unlikely that the equipment they are using is secure. Unprotected devices and networks expose your organization to significant risks

Nonstandard devices.

A bring your own device (BYOD) policy offers flexibility and freedom, but sometimes work software just won't run correctly on an employee's computer. This can really hurt productivity.

Expensive alternatives.

Traditional remote workforce solutions can be prohibitively expensive. With today's modern virtual desktop solutions, you may be able to completely forgo purchasing costly computers for remote workers.

Get Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop, and Make Your Workforce Productive, From Anywhere.

At Exigent, we provide a true, outsourced Azure Virtual Desktop, coupled with meticulous white-glove support and ongoing management to keep your most demanding end-users happy, on any device, no matter where they are.

Why Choose Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop?

Azure Virtual Desktop is a powerful and efficient remote workforce technology solution. It allows your business to:

Access Windows 10 desktops from anywhere on any device.

Employees can seamlessly access a virtual machine running Windows 10 from any internet-connected device. This standardizes the user experience for apps

Keep your business applications and data secure.

Stop storing data and running critical applications on unsecured employee computers. Secure your apps and company data in Microsoft’s Azure cloud instead.

Deploy Azure Virtual Desktop affordably and take advantage of flexible scalability.

Deploy quickly and only pay for what you need, possibly saving cost. Many organizations are able to use existing Microsoft licensing to save costs, as well.

Why Work with Exigent?

Gerald Busardo

Senior Vice President, CFO

25 Years of Microsoft Windows Experience

We know Windows inside and out. We’ve been helping businesses to meet the demands of their fussiest Microsoft Windows power users since 1997. Cumulatively, our staff has over 300 years of experience implementing and supporting Microsoft technologies.

Seamless Service

Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop experts will consult with you to chart the most efficient path forward toward your Azure Virtual Desktop deployment, then guide the process so that it goes off as smoothly as possible.

White-Glove Support

We ensure that your Azure Virtual Desktop solution is perfectly tailored to your needs, provide ongoing optimization so that your solution works the way you need it to, and offer rapid support for any issues.

Ready to Make Remote Work More Secure and Productive?

Stop settling for unsecure environments and give your employees a standardized work experience – no matter where they work from.

Schedule a quick call with an Azure Virtual Desktop expert to talk through your needs and take the first step toward a better solution.

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