Looking for a U.S.-based helpdesk outsourcing company for your small business or mid-sized enterprise?  You certainly won’t have a problem finding one.  In fact, there are literally thousands to choose from.

So, what’s the real challenge?

After nearly two decades of delivering outsourced helpdesk, we’ve found that there are two key elements that must be mastered in order to truly meet our customer’s needs, exceed their expectations, and keep them coming back year after year:

  1. The Outsourced helpdesk must deliver a better level of support than can be delivered by in-house staff.
  2. The end users must love and embrace the outsourced helpdesk, not have disdain for it. 

This is exactly what differentiates our helpdesk from the thousands of other helpdesk outsourcing companies out there. Our obsession with the end user experience, exceptionally efficient processes and a hunger for details has enabled us to continually rise above our competitors and offer a superior level of helpdesk services.

Our unique, U.S. based helpdesk outsourcing services include:

  • Extensive and thorough initial onboarding investments which include site surveys, documentation, and training.
  • Multiple methods of service ticket submission including telephone, email, web or portal.
  • Robust, browser-based management portal which gives customers a bird’s eye view of all past and present support activities as well as complete real-time access to create, edit, change or cancel service requests.
  • Best-in-class, feature-rich issue tracking system and highly-refined troubleshooting procedures which enables our engineers to identify trends and ultimately focus on the source of a problem versus just its symptoms.
  • Call recording for all calls.
  • Unique customer documentation repository built specifically to expedite issue resolution and avoid having your end users asked unnecessary questions.
  • Robust remote control capabilities for computers running Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X, as well as mobile devices for a hassle free end-user support experience.
  • Optional remote software agents installed on end-user computers which provide robust management capabilities such as IT asset management and reporting, operating system patch management, package deployment and anti-virus update monitoring.
  • All support issues handled by our own U.S. based, full-time employees located in New Jersey and New York City (Manhattan).
  • Highly-skilled, trained and certified engineers, led by a team of tenured, best-in-class management professionals.
  • Small, attentive and responsive account teams with low employee turnover ensure your end-users talk to the same small number of people, whom they get to know, and vice versa.
  • Service level agreement (SLA) for guaranteed response time.