Written by: admin on 05/07/21

There are two kinds of people in the world: People who like to try everything themselves, and people whose first impulse on facing an unfamiliar task is to request help.

Most business owners and IT directors fall into the first category.

If that’s you, you’re probably pretty proud of your can-do attitude. That’s understandable; “giving it a shot” is often the best way to start a business or get into tech. But you’ve probably found that the DIY approach can get you into trouble sometimes, too.

When it comes to deploying Windows 365 Cloud PC, you probably shouldn’t go it alone.

Setting up Windows 365 Cloud PC is complex; if it’s outside your skillset, getting help will almost certainly save your business time and money.

Here’s why it’s beneficial to work with a Windows 365 Cloud PC consultant.

1. A Windows 365 Cloud PC consultant can ensure your solution fits your needs.

For end users, Windows 365 Cloud PC is a simple remote work solution. For administrators, though, it can be rather complex.

For example, take a look at the Azure pricing calculator that Microsoft’s put together. It’s a nice attempt to make the cost of Azure clear – but, still, to use it correctly, you have to understand concepts like pooled versus personal virtual machines and be familiar with terms like “managed OS disks” and know acronyms like GiB.

If you don’t have deep technical expertise (in general and in Microsoft solutions specifically), you probably won’t feel comfortable specifying your own solution. Will your business be better served by Standard or Premium SSDs? Will you be okay to use pooled machines, or should every user have a personal virtual desktop? What licenses will you need?

A Windows 365 Cloud PC consultant can help you to understand what all of the options mean for your business, then ensure you get a solution that’s fit to your needs.

2. A Windows 365 Cloud PC consultant can make the transition process easier.

If you’ve ever been part of a business-wide technology transition, you’ve probably found that there are plenty of opportunities for things to go wrong.

Even switching from one relatively simple software to another – like from Slack to Microsoft Teams – can be confusing. Employees may struggle to adjust their workflows, data may slip through the cracks, and business’s bottom lines can suffer.

When you transition to Windows 365 Cloud PC, you switch platforms entirely. That means it’s essential to get the transition right on both technical and administrative levels.

Working with a consultant can ensure that the transition process is planned and executed well. Consultants can offer training and educational materials that reduce the burden on employees. And, crucially, they can set up environments and configurations correctly, reducing the risk of technical hiccups as the switch is made.

Put simply, it’s easier to switch to Windows 365 Cloud PC when you work with a consultant.

3. A Windows 365 Cloud PC consultant can offer ongoing support.

Finally, working with a consultant can provide your business with access to ongoing support. This is helpful in two ways.

First, if any issues do arise, access to support from a consultant can provide quick solutions. And the reality is that issues will probably arise; even if a transition happens smoothly and education is comprehensive, employees will likely have support requests as they begin actively using the new solution (“How do I access this app again?” or the unavoidable “I lost my credentials…”).

A consultant can help your business to respond quickly to these needs.

Second, beyond reactive support, a consultant can also provide proactive support and optimization. As your business uses Windows 365 Cloud PC for remote work, it’s likely that opportunities for optimization will emerge. Maybe you anticipated requiring a certain amount of RAM and you actually need less, or maybe you want to harden your security protocols based on the way employees are using their virtual machines.

A Windows 365 Cloud PC consultant can review the way that you’re using the platform and help your business make adjustments to improve functionality and reduce waste.

Looking for a Windows 365 Cloud PC consultant in New York or New Jersey?

Even if you’re a DIY-inclined individual, you’re probably best served by working with a consultant to deploy Windows 365 Cloud PC.

At Exigent, we’re here to help.

We have the technical background to ensure your transition to Windows 365 Cloud PC goes smoothly; we’ve been helping New York and New Jersey businesses to meet the demands of their fussiest Microsoft Windows power users since 1997, and our staff has over 200 years of cumulative experience in implementing and supporting Microsoft technologies.

If you’re considering choosing Windows 365 Cloud PC, schedule a free consultation with our friendly experts.

We’ll discuss the needs of your business and start to create a path toward deployment that best fits your use case. When you are ready for implementation, we can provide white-glove support to make the process quick and seamless, ensuring users are educated and environments are properly configured.

Even if you’re the kind of person who likes to try every task themselves, we think that by the time your deployment is completed, you’ll be glad you chose to work with a consultant!