Written by: Daniel Haurey on 09/16/16

Right now, a new crop of high school seniors and their parents are undertaking a time-honored ritual: college visits. Afterward most agree that despite the many ways to get information about colleges these days, from printed materials to web sites to social chats to college fairs, nothing beats an actual visit. It’s the only way to get a real feel for culture and fit.

Right now lots of companies are also in shopping mode, looking for a managed IT services company to bring expertise and efficiency to their IT environments. But the number that actually go out and visit those service providers is small, despite the many benefits. That’s a mistake, because like college visits, there is nothing like getting on site, meeting the people who will service your account, and making sure cultures and values align.

According to CIO Insight, “Companies that visit suppliers repeatedly tell us that they cannot imagine having made the right decision without having made the trip. In other words, the best way to accurately differentiate key selection criteria among suppliers requires traveling to their delivery centers.”

Here are some reasons why:

1) Subjective is equally important. It’s important that a potential Managed IT services company check the right boxes for objective qualifications such as certifications and credentials. But it’s also vitally important that values and culture align. For example, if your company emphasizes high-touch customer service but the Managed IT services company is all about volume and automation, chances are they will prioritize needs differently.

2) It’s about people. As with any relationship, everything flows more smoothly when they “get you” and vice versa. Visit once you have narrowed down your search to two or so Managed IT Service companies and ensured all the objective boxes are checked. At that point the company should be able to introduce you to the individuals who would be assigned to your account. Consider bringing along the people they will interact with day to day to ensure a good fit.

3) You can use your senses. Even the best due diligence will miss a few things. Being on site is an ideal opportunity to discover things you didn’t think to ask about, and ask more questions.

Just as identifying the best-fit college is a life-changing decision for a high school senior, finding the right managed IT services company is critical to ensure the security and growth of your business. Nothing beats an in-person visit for making sure that choice is the right one.  Are you currently comparing managed IT services firms?  Contact us.  And please – stop by our New Jersey headquarters too!

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