Longtime community member Exigent Technologies offers two dozen districts a free scan after reported Freehold District Incident

Morristown, NJ—Jan. 31, 2024—Exigent Technologies, a technology services provider committed to collaborative partnerships, exceptional service, and comprehensive managed IT solutions, is offering free cybersecurity risk assessments to two dozen New Jersey and New York school districts in the aftermath of the unnerving Freehold School District cybersecurity incident reported on Sunday, Jan. 19. Parents were reportedly notified that the schools would be shuttered on Monday, Jan. 20, due to IT issues related to a cyber attack.

“School districts face tough headwinds concerning cybersecurity and IT support in general,” explained Daniel Haurey Jr., Founder and President of Exigent Technologies. “Our experience is that many districts are underfunded and understaffed, leaving them vulnerable in an increasingly complex and dynamic digital threat environment. The last thing those essential community organizations need is a merciless cyber attack that shuts down systems or exposes sensitive data.”

While the details of the Freehold incident remain unclear, the district joins thousands of other school districts that have faced threats or breaches from bad actors with an unrelenting focus on stealing valuable data such as financial or personal data. While Exigent has no relationship with the Freehold School District, Haurey expressed sympathy for the team and the parents.

“No parent should have to leave work or scramble to find childcare due to a cybersecurity incident. Nor should the staff feel threatened or lose valuable time with students,” said Haurey. “The fact is many of these breaches are easily preventable. If we can help stop even one breach such as the reported Freehold District incident, we’d be happy.”

Exigent is offering a free, confidential cybersecurity risk assessment to 24 local NJ and NY school districts with no obligation, a service that usually costs several thousand dollars. The IT services firm uses a third-party tool to offer these assessments, which quickly identify vulnerabilities and gaps in an IT network. This scan doesn’t disrupt operations, takes minutes, requires no hardware or software, and returns a thorough and actionable report on the status of the organization’s cybersecurity protection.

Any local New Jersey or New York school district that is interested can email [email protected] or sign up on the Exigent website.

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Media Contact: Gennifer Biggs, Director of Marketing, Exigent Technologies, [email protected]