Listen to Exigent Director of Marketing Gennifer Biggs as she walks through the pros and cons of using generative AI for marketing and other business communications. You’ll learn more about: Pros and cons of generative AI Cautionary tales about GenAI content Ethics and legalities of GenAI Will GenAI turn you into a marketing superstar? When […]

Listen to this informative panel discussion on cybersecurity featuring guest SonicWall. Learn: Current trends in cybersecurity Small steps your organization can take to improve cybersecurity Next-gen solutions Tips for getting started Watch Webinar Now Gennifer BiggsAs director of marketing for Exigent Technologies, Gennifer Biggs guides marketing, communications and lead generation. In her roles as a […]

Cyber insurance and risk management specialist James Venezia, CPCU, CCIC, CCIS, joins Exigent for a discussion about cyber insurance and tips for preparing your business for coverage. Learn: What cyber insurance does and what types of coverage are available How to pick the right policy and provider The way to approach cyber insurance checklists Tips for cyber […]