Find Network Security and Peace of Mind With Boundary

Firewalls are a foundational component of your organization’s digital privacy and security. They serve as one of your organization’s first lines of defense from a full range of threats, such as malware, viruses, ransomware, and more. But many organizations struggle with the time and skills to optimize and manage firewalls—leaving them vulnerable.

With Boundary Firewall as a service, powered by SonicWall, Exigent shoulders the responsibility for firewall management and best practices bundled with a next-generation firewall (NGFW) in a monthly subscription model.

Benefits of Boundary Firewall Service

Exigent’s Boundary service offers several advantages:

  • Access to our certified and experienced team, who are well-versed in SonicWall, and have full access to responsive vendor support for issue escalation and resolution
  • Efficiently deploying patches and software updates
  • Advance replacement for defective equipment

Features & Capabilities of Managed Firewall

  • No upfront capital expenditures for hardware
  • No annual software subscriptions to purchase or track
  • No annual fees for licensing or warranty support
  • Automatic analysis and updating of security updates, including gateway anti-virus/anti-malware, allows “real-time” protection
  • Global management system (GMS) supports proactive monitoring and alerting for firewall-and internet-related issues
  • Available comprehensive deep packet inspection and content filtering capabilities
  • Configuration and unlimited remote support by qualified, certified Exigent and SonicWall engineers
  • Automatic, periodic backups of firewall configuration saved in the cloud

Ready To Secure Your Network with Firewall as a Service?

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