Take a proactive stance against data breaches and leaks with Dark Web monitoring

When your organization’s identity or credentials have been compromised, your information can be bartered on the Dark Web. That leaves your employees, your business, and your clients vulnerable to further cyber attacks.

With Informant, Dark Web monitoring is available as a subscription service that alerts you if our platform uncovers email addresses, passwords, or personally identifiable information (PII)  related to your organization on the Dark Web. With that data, it becomes measurably easier to identify vulnerabilities or gaps in security by understanding what data has been compromised, when it happened, and the likely source of the data.

  • Receive alerts when compromised business accounts are found on the Dark Web
  • Get tangible proof that passworded information is publicly available
  • Identify gaps in data security and use policies
  • Quickly respond to breaches
  • Track your progress toward protecting against future losses

Informant is an integral component in our arsenal of managed cybersecurity offerings that together provide full protection for your organization.

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