Take Your Business to the Next Level With our vCIO Services

Are you struggling to align technology with your larger business objectives and goals? Our vCIO services are the answer. Many small to midsized businesses struggle in the absence of an experienced CIO—lacking either the budget or knowledge to hire for that role. The result is often a haphazard approach to technology, cybersecurity, and other foundational business IT needs. Rarely can leadership align their business strategy with the technology needed to support or even accelerate growth without a qualified CIO.

Exigent’s Virtual CIO services were built to bridge that gap. We offer executive-level strategic guidance on technology needs analysis, IT management, end-to-end tech lifecycle planning, and budgeting.

  • Gain invaluable third-party perspectives on technology problems
  • Streamline IT decision-making based on expertise and proven best practices
  • Develop processes for IT audits and compliance
  • Improve the efficiency of technology project management
  • Streamline vendor and company stakeholder management
  • Provide existing IT personnel mentorship and structured personnel development

Our vCIOs work on a retainer basis, so no lengthy contract is required. As an added benefit, Exigent clients can still outsource their other technology needs to different IT companies while using our vCIO services.

Why Work with Exigent?

Eric Burke

Chief Technology Officer

25 Years of IT Solutions Experience

We know IT inside and out. We’ve been helping businesses overcome their technology challenges since 1997. Cumulatively, our staff has more than 300 years of experience implementing and supporting IT solutions.

Nationwide, yet Local Service

We ensure you receive world-class IT services no matter where you are. Our experts at our New Jersey, New York, Colorado, and California offices have the local expertise and experience you need to succeed with technology in your area.

Rooted In Our Core Values

Our core values set us a part by communicating our standards up front. They highlight our commitment to true excellence, goodwill, and collaboration. All of these beliefs combine to enrich the lives of our customers, staff, and partners.

Let’s Discuss the Power of Exigent vCIO Services

Our virtual CIO services are available nationwide, and local throughout the greater New York and New Jersey areas, Los Angeles County, California and Denver, Colorado.

In today’s rapidly changing technology landscape, gain the valuable IT expertise needed to get ahead in the race to business success.

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