Mount Arlington, NJ — November 9, 2009 — New Jersey’s top doctors rely on technology to drive their practices, from patient and records management to VPN access and digital X-rays. They also rely on Exigent Technologies to help them manage the complexity and growth of their IT infrastructure while improving the quality of patient care.

“We’re proud of the fact that many of the most sought after and successful physicians in New Jersey and New York City choose us for their ongoing technology support needs,” said Daniel Haurey, Exigent’s president.

Dr. Paul Lombardi, FAAOS of Tri-County Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine is one of New Jersey’s top doctors in orthopedic surgery. Their board-certified orthopaedic surgeons are committed to offering the most up-to-date treatment possible with the highest quality of care.

While Dr. Lombardi has garnered great acclaim for his work with a scalpel, his judicious use of technology has helped him take his practice to the next level. He believes that IT is the secret ingredient to a more productive practice. The right technology helps him more effectively do his job and help more patients in the process. “IT allows our practice to be more productive with higher patient throughput,” says Dr. Lombardi.

He and his staff depend on Exigent to help them deploy the right technology for the job. With a knowledgeable cadre of experts and a make-it-work attitude, Exigent provides him with the top-level support necessary to keep a New Jersey top doc doing what he does best without wasting time on technical hassles. “When we added digital X-Rays to our office, Exigent Technologies helped us work through the technical issues,” says Dr. Lombardi.

RN and practice manager, Lynne Rolsing, recalls that Tri-County Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine started working with Exigent Technologies three years ago. The company had a huge impact on their practice. “In that time, we’ve grown from seven to 12 practitioners, and from 40 to 50 employees,” says Lynn. “Our systems are pretty complex and they’ve been part of our growth every step of the way.”

Lynne says that she’s witnessed an increased role of technology in their practice. “Everything here is electronic. Every employee has a PC. And we use a VPN to manage offsite transcriptions,” says Lynne. “Technology speeds up our processes and makes us more efficient. We still have paperwork, but once the data’s in the system, updates are easier. “

As a leader in infectious diseases, ID CARE’s Dr. Ronald Nahass, FACP, FIDSA, was named a top doctor by New Jersey Monthly magazine in 1996, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2008 and 2009, and by the Castle, Connolly Guide to Medical Professionals. He’s also been named one of the best doctors in America numerous times.

At ID CARE, Dr. Nahass is part of New Jersey’s largest network of specialists, which focuses exclusively on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of infectious diseases. And Dr. Nahass relies on the experts at Exigent Technologies to help his practice adapt to new computing technologies.

“Most practices are in the early stages of investigating some of this technology,” says Dr. Nahass. “We’ve been using electronic medical records, PDAs, tablet-based computing and wireless technology for quite some time now. And I’ll continue to embrace it so long as it enhances and improves patient care.”

ID CARE’s executive director, Bruce Topolosky, says his company’s relationship with Exigent Technologies is more than just a vendor-client engagement. Instead, Exigent Technologies serves as ID CARE’s complete outsourced IT department. “They have the capacity and depth that I need to manage our IT needs, from daily helpdesk support to advanced integration and IT strategy,” says Bruce.

Dr. Emanuel Catania is the founder of Mt. Arlington Family Dentistry. The practice is dedicated to providing affordable, quality dental treatment in a modern, state-of-the-art dental practice. As a dentist focused on providing patient comfort and personalized care, Dr. Catania feels that his time is best spent chair side with patients, not worrying about IT. “Exigent Technologies has been with us since day one, helping us to get up and running as fast as possible,” says Dr. Catania. “They respond quickly to the changing needs of my growing practice.”

Dr. Catania’s practice relies on digital technology with diagnostic tools like digital radiography and intraoral cameras, as well as practice management tools to help with patient flow. “IT ultimately improves the speed and quality of care we provide our patients,” says Dr. Catania.

Exigent has been providing IT services and support for top doctors and medical practices in New Jersey and New York for over 12 years. Exigent’s president Haurey continued, “I congratulate all of the 2009 top docs in New Jersey and New York City on their success. And special thanks to all of our customers within this distinguished group who are putting technology to work for the benefit of their patients and practices.”