Managed IT services provider adds affordable, effective employee security training to portfolio

Morristown, NJ—February 19, 2024—Exigent Technologies, a technology services provider committed to unleashing the potential of small to mid-sized businesses through collaborative partnerships, exceptional service, and comprehensive managed IT solutions, has expanded its cybersecurity portfolio to now offer security awareness training for clients.

The new Vigilant Awareness Security Awareness Training program provides organizations with a sustainable, effective program that educates employees and resets their thinking about cyber attacks, particularly phishing emails that often target unsuspecting employees.

“Cyber attacks have the potential to completely derail an organization, and one of the most effective steps every business can take toward better cybersecurity is establishing an employee security awareness training program,” said Daniel Haurey Jr., President and Founder of Exigent Technologies. “We added Vigilant Awareness to ensure our clients have access to practical training that bolsters their organization’s best line of defense – their employees.

Through the Vigilant Awareness Security Training platform, Exigent will educate your team about how to spot suspicious activity and create new, safer habits for dealing with scams and cyber attacks. Effective security awareness training can improve your company’s cybersecurity culture and reduce phishing email clicks by employees by as much as 70%.

Security Awareness Training Focuses on New Responses, Reduced Clicks

To achieve that, this training focuses on four main themes: Train Everyone, Expect Mistakes, Set Goals, and Don’t Punish Mistakes. Unlike traditional security training, Vigilant Awareness is engaging, empowering, and personalized. By inspiring employees to step into their critical role as key defenders in safeguarding a company, an organization creates a culture of engagement that significantly strengthens its cybersecurity posture.

With Vigilant Awareness, your employees receive automated phishing emails, simulating real-life attacks. This method allows employees to respond in their own environment and puts the training into action at the infraction point. If an employee clicks on a phishing test, they are redirected to a landing page for a brief training experience. Over time, employees’ habits evolve, their awareness grows, and the chances of a breach decrease.

“In today’s world, where 90% of cyber attacks start with a phishing email, investing in cybersecurity awareness training protects your organization from the devastating impact of a data breach,” said Haurey. “Plus, with security awareness training in place, you are better positioned to meet regulatory compliance standards and secure cyber liability insurance coverage, further extending the protective barrier that safeguards your business from the growing threat of cybercrime.”

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