Written by: Daniel Haurey on 03/26/21

If you’re looking at options to upgrade your remote work setup, Windows 365 Cloud PC is worth your consideration.

As we’ve written before, Windows 365 Cloud PC is a set of technologies that enables desktop and app virtualization service onto Azure, the Microsoft cloud.

(Note that, because it moves computing off of a local device and onto Azure, it’s sometimes also referred to as Azure virtual desktop.)

The approach is worth considering because it has five huge benefits for remote work.

1. Windows 365 Cloud PC makes work accessible.

The primary benefit of Windows 365 Cloud PC flows from its primary functionality: It makes work accessible.

By giving users the ability to access a virtual Windows machine from anywhere, Windows 365 Cloud PCs give users the ability to work from anywhere. Business apps can be easily loaded and put to use to keep operations humming. The full power of a Windows machine can be tapped from anywhere that you can connect to the internet – from your home, from a local co-working space, or from across the world.

2. It standardizes the remote work experience.

Access to work is the first benefit of Windows 365 Cloud PCs, but a second, closely related benefit is standardization.

Any business that’s enacted a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy has been confronted by the challenge of integrating nonstandard systems.

Say one employee gets work done on a PC, another opts to use a Mac, and still another uses a business tablet (with connectable keyboard, of course). Even if all devices can access the internet and get to business systems, the experience across devices can vary, and nonstandard experiences can hurt employee productivity. Supporting all of these different devices can also be very cumbersome.

Windows 365 Cloud PCs give all users access to a standardized OS, no matter what device they’re using.

3. It makes remote work secure.

While many businesses are skeptical of cloud security, the truth is that implementing Windows 365 Cloud PC drastically decreases cybersecurity risk compared to nonstandard solutions.

The solution is a boon to remote work security for two main reasons:

First of all, using Windows 365 Cloud PCs separates personal and professional machine usage. This can be hugely helpful, because it’s not uncommon for employees to be less stringent in securing their personal devices – or even to lose personal devices.

Let’s say an employee leaves their laptop unattended in a coffee shop and it’s stolen. Without Windows 365 Cloud PC, business information would have been stored on the machine, and your business would be at risk. With Windows 365 Cloud PC, though, work performed on Azure doesn’t live on employee devices – so, if an employee device is compromised, your business can still be secure.

Second, the Azure platform itself is highly secure. The infrastructure that powers Microsoft’s cloud is built to tight specifications and closely protected. Here’s how Microsoft puts it:

“Rely on a cloud that is built with customized hardware, has security controls integrated into the hardware and firmware components, and added protections against threats such as DDoS. Benefit from a team of more than 3,500 global cybersecurity experts that work together to help safeguard your business assets and data in Azure.”

You don’t need to be a firmware security expert or an experienced defender against DDoS attacks to get the gist: Azure is built to keep your business’s systems safe.

4. It’s easily scalable.

Another benefit of Windows 365 Cloud PC is that it’s easy to scale.

Is your business adding a few new employees? You can easily ramp up your business’s resources to provide each of them with the ability to use Windows 365 Cloud PCs.

Are you scaling back? You can easily reduce your load for the next month so that you’re not stuck paying for more than you need.

Whatever your business’s needs are – in computing resources or in total number of workstations – using Windows 365 Cloud PCs allows you to meet them with an ideal configuration.

5. It’s affordable.

Finally, Windows 365 Cloud PC is also quite affordable. There are two main reasons for this; the first, as noted above, is the solution’s scalability. The second is that Microsoft has created some favorable licensing options for businesses that are already using Microsoft products.

Microsoft calls their approach “License Mobility,” and describes it this way: “License Mobility through Software Assurance gives Microsoft Volume Licensing customers the flexibility to deploy eligible server applications with active Software Assurance on Azure. With this Software Assurance benefit, there is no need to purchase new licenses and no associated mobility fees so, you can easily deploy existing licenses on the Azure cloud platform.”

Basically, if you’re already using a Microsoft cloud product, like Office 365 or the Dynamics ERP, you may be eligible for savings. One of our Microsoft product experts can help you determine if this applies to your business.

Want to get the benefits of Windows 365 Cloud PCs for your business?

If you’re looking for a remote work solution for your business, Windows 365 Cloud PC is often an ideal solution. To determine if it’s right for your firm, get in touch with us.

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We can help to answer any questions you have – about terminology, functionality, licensing, sizing, or anything else. And if you are ready to implement Windows 365 Cloud PCs, we can provide white-glove support to make the process quick and seamless.

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