Written by: Daniel Haurey on 12/09/14

It doesn’t seem possible to be able to forward a voicemail on Verizon wireless.  SERIOUSLY?  How can that be?  Is this not a very BASIC voicemail function?  Note the title of this blog post mentions iPhone, but it really doesn’t matter if it’s an iPhone or any other mobile phone.  Forwarding a voicemail message is not a component of the phone hardware you are using, it is a function of the wireless carrier’s voicemail system.

To complicate matters, it seems that Verizon Wireless has different voicemail use instructions depending on what state or area you are in.

My service is in New Jersey.  Since New Jersey is not listed explicitly, I used the instructions applicable to the New York metro area.Verizon Wirless Instructions Screenshot

After finding the above linked instructions, I tried to forward a voicemail.  To get to my voicemail, I dialed *86.  Once I got to the voicemail that I wanted to forward, I hit 3 as indicated on the Verizon Wireless document, but nothing happened.

Bottom line:  It doesn’t seem possible to forward a voicemail in the NY, NJ metro area if you are on Verizon Wireless.  Is that ridiculous?  You bet!  So ridiculous that I intend to call them, just to verify that this is the case.  I’ll post a follow up if I find a workaround and/or get clarification from Verizon Wireless customer support.