Eric Burke, VP of Technology

Eric Burke, VP of Technology

  • Industry research claims that SPAM costs businesses more than $1,900 per employee per year
  • The average employee receives 13.3 SPAM messages each day
  • A recent survey of 1,500 online participants found that users reported spending an average of 40 minutes a week dealing with SPAM

Exigent’s managed SPAM filtering service (VeraciMail) stops unnecessary messages from ever reaching your e-mail system and rids you of the headaches, wasted time and dangers of unsolicited e-mail. And because it’s an Exigent Managed Service, there’s no hardware or software to buy, no fine-tuning and no hassles.

SPAM Filter Services: How It Works:

99.5% effective SPAM filtering
Each e-mail message destined for your server is scanned using our filtering system, which relies on a consistently updated database of known SPAM e-mail messages, senders and context keywords. This process takes place prior to the message ever reaching your network and causes no noticeable delay in the delivery of your mail.

Virus filtering
Each message is also scanned for viruses and other malicious content using completely different anti-virus software than the one that you’re currently using on your network. This provides a DOUBLE layer of protection against computer viruses.

Mail caching
Last but not least, and most important to some of our clients, is the fact that incoming e-mail will not be returned to senders if your e-mail server and/or Internet connection are ever down. This is because, in the event that your Internet service is interrupted or your e-mail server fails, our VeraciMail service will “cache” or hold your mail until your Internet connection and/or e-mail server comes back online.

To summarize, our VeraciMail SPAM filtering service gives you:

  • 99.5% effective SPAM filtering
  • An added layer of anti-virus protection
  • Mail-caching for redundancy and disaster recovery

We’re so confident that you’ll be completely satisfied with VeraciMail that we’ll allow you to experience the service for yourself for 30 days, absolutely FREE of charge or obligation. If you don’t like it for any reason, we’ll simply turn it off.