Documents, organization, collaboration, workflow and accountability. Those are the pillars of any successful business execution strategy; pillars that typically accompany a great deal of overhead for you and your staff to manage. Savvy 21st-century firms know that automating and organizing via technology is the only way to thrive.

Microsoft Sharepoint

Microsoft SharePoint Server is a web application platform that provides configurable tools for managing nearly all of today’s business challenges with robust, out-of the-box tools and an extensible development platform. SharePoint also provides developers with an extensible platform from which to launch custom business software and processes. Some of the many available features that come with SharePoint can have an immediate impact on your business and productivity:

  • Document Management: provides an engine and interface that offers the ease of access, search and indexing of your critical business data, plus simple integration with your other business communication and a management tools.
  • Team Sites for collaboration: providing simple access to common team resources to allow for effective collaboration and teamwork. Common tools are Calendars, document lists, informational libraries, to do lists and more.
  • Workflows: configurable patterns that track and automate the flow of your business processes.
  • Robust Search: providing the capability to access any document or piece of information your team needs, quickly and easily.

So, whether it’s the out of the box SharePoint document management features you need or something more custom-developed to fit a specific need, our SharePoint developers have the experience and skillset to architect and integrate a custom SharePoint solution that will help you manage and grow your business.