Architecting and developing software is a complex task, although not just in the inherent complexity of the design and implementation of the solutions itself. Today’s techscape demands a special solution delivery model that includes mobile, security, big data and cross-platform support. Delivering such a complex mix of requirements was traditionally challenging, as it almost always required some complex interaction between several disparate technologies.

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Microsoft’s .NET framework has risen to accept that challenge and provide a homogenous development platform that allows developers to develop once and deliver anywhere. The SQL Server database engine provides an enterprise-level relational database platform that works seamlessly with the .NET application framework to provide data services and analysis.

The Exigent Technologies Software Development Team has extensive experience in designing and delivering custom software solutions built on the .NET/SQL platform. From Windows Forms applications, to database, web and mobile applications, your custom business needs can be architected, designed and delivered to any technology platform, securely, and to any of your users anywhere they are.